Tax Planning

Want to know more about EIS? Wondering what the SEIS is? You’re in the right place. Although we can’t provide tax advice and it’s important to remember these types of investment are high risk, we can help you navigate the tax efficient industry. Our free content will help you understand the tax efficient schemes available.


Enterprise Investment Scheme


Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme


Business Relief for Inheritance Tax


Venture Capital Trusts

We will help you connect the dots. Please use our tax planning toolkit to gain the information you need.

Kin have worked with a large spectrum of clients within the financial sector, helping with Fundraising, Fund Services and Fund Management.  Although we can’t provide tax advice, we are happy to help our clients navigate the tax-efficient sector.

What happens when I send my application form?

See the steps below to understand what you should expect when you invest. If we haven’t answered all your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. You will receive a confirmation from the fund manager
  2. Your funds will be deployed into companies on your behalf
  3. You will receive a tax certificate from the fund manager, provided by HMRC
  4. You will receive regular updates throughout the course of your investment
  5. As the companies prepare to exit, you will be notified
  6. If you decide to exit, your returns will be issued

When you invest with Kin, we will make sure you always have a point of call throughout the course of an investment. If we can’t answer your query, we will direct you to someone who can. We strongly encourage our fund clients to take of advantage of our integrated fund raising services to make investing as streamlined as possible for the investor and their adviser. This means, throughout the course of an investment, their only contact is Kin. Visit our Services page to to find out how Kin could help.

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What attracted us to Kin was their strong desire to align interests with us. The team have delivered on what they said they would. They have helped us understand the EIS market much better and got us in front of heavy hitting product buyers.

Mark Pearson, Fuel Ventures