Pembroke VCT

Pembroke VCT

Pembroke VCT Summary & Prospectus (+application form) is available in the Open Offers section of our website. *Venture Capital Trusts are long term, higher risk investments and will not be suitable for all investors. Kin Capital does not give financial or taxation advice.

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Pembroke VCT is currently closed to new investors. Pembroke VCT provides investors with…

  • Established VCT with existing portfolio of high quality and performing assets/companies
  • Market leading total expense ratio of 2%, with no hidden fees
  • Investment strategy remains unchanged despite the 2015/16 changes to VCT rules
  • Manager is backed by Oakley Capital Group ($1.5bn AUM)
  • Tax Efficient Review & Tax Shelter Report available


Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and may not be repeated. The above figures exclude tax relief and are after all fees / charges. They include dividends paid.

The fund is now 4 years old and is performing as well. The Ordinary shares have produced a total return (NAV plus dividends, after all charges) of 124.5p. Starting at 97.9p, the younger B Ordinary shares have already generated a total return of 108.2p (including a 2p dividend paid in October 2016).

However, following the 2015 changes to the VCT rules many of the old guard of VCT managers are having to change their investment strategy and/or are raising non VCT qualifying funds. Pembroke predominantly focuses on providing development capital to growth opportunities, rather than management buy-out transactions or investing in older businesses. It is therefore not materially affected by the VCT rule changes. Of the current portfolio, 22 / 25 investments qualify under the new regime.

Pembroke VCT has raised approximately £48 million since 2013. The current portfolio is a diverse spread of investments across the consumer sector. Examples of portfolio companies include American burger chain Five Guys, Plenish Cleanse health foods, and Troubadour luxury accessories.

Pembroke is an out of the box VCT that embraces innovation, promotes entrepreneurship and opens doors with targeted distribution, they’ve helped us take our vision to the fast lane

Kara Rosen, Founder, Plenish Cleanse

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* Please note Kin is unable to give taxation or financial advice and strongly recommends private investors speak with a suitably qualified independent financial adviser. Your capital is at risk and all our products are long term, high risk investments. They will not be suitable for all investors. The level of tax relief received depends on individual circumstances and may be withdrawn at a later date.


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