Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund

Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund

Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund Summary & Investment Memorandum (+application form) are available in the Open Offers section of our website. Please note, EIS investments are higher risk*. Private investors will need to first contact us to confirm their status as a High Net Worth, Sophisticated or Restricted Investor before we can send further information.

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 |EISA Award Winners in 2015, 2016 and 2017|

Parkwalk’s Opportunities EIS Fund was the largest/most popular growth EIS Fund of 2016/17, according to figures published by independent commentator Tax Efficient Review.

Parkwalk have an enviable track record from focusing on companies commercialising proven patented technology, originating from the UK’s leading universities; an asset class that is coming to prominence with the likes of institutional investors such as Woodford, Invesco and Lansdowne investing heavily in the sector.

  • Parkwalk has an excellent track record with their first five funds returning investors’ subscriptions in full, plus impressive gains
  • Investors receive a spread of investments from early stage to AIM listed businesses, mitigating risk
  • A transparent fee structure which is weighted towards rewarding performance
  • An experienced management team which invests alongside Investors
  • Well regarded by independent market commentators

The strength of their track record means Parkwalk are prepared to publish returns on their website, in contrast to many other EIS managers.

The value of Parkwalk’s first four EIS Funds stands at £1.59 per £1 invested excluding tax reliefs. Parkwalk has over £100m of EIS assets under management.

The Fund has a clear fee structure with only 2.5 years cash annual management fee paid, so the incentive is to return capital rather than hold on to assets.

No hidden fees – Parkwalk’s fees are predominately performance driven so aligned with investors, which is enhanced by the directors and employees investing alongside investors on every deal on exactly the same terms. Parkwalk does not seek to charge deal and monitoring fees.

Example companies:

Cambridge CMOS Sensors –  The world’s smallest gas sensors. In June 2016 Parkwalk sold it’s stake in an undisclosed all cash transaction, resulting in significant cash returns to investors. More info

Tracsis – Transportation management software. Parkwalk sold its stake in Tracsis in June 2014 for a 6.8x return (nearly 10x when considering tax relief). More info

Xeros – Waterless washing machines. Parkwalk part exited in late 2014 and early 2015 returning more cash than investors’ total investment into the fund. More info

* Please note Kin is unable to give taxation or financial advice and strongly recommends private investors speak with a suitably qualified independent financial adviser. Your capital is at risk and all our products are long term, high risk investments. They will not be suitable for all investors. The level of tax relief received depends on individual circumstances and may be withdrawn at a later date.


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