Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund

Parkwalk Advisors have an enviable track record from investing in business commercialising proven technology from the UK’s leading universities.

Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund is a multi-award winning fund that focuses on investing in UK university spin-outs and start-ups in the technology and ‘hard science’ sector.

Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund is open all year round (evergreen). Minimum investment is £25,000. Please note that EIS investments are high risk investments, see full risk warnings below.

Why invest?

  • Impressive track record, on average returning subscriptions within 4 years
  • Multi-award winning fund including ‘Best EIS’ at EISA Awards 2017, 2016 & Investment Week Awards 2016
  • Diverse portfolio of at least 5 investments from early-stage university spin-outs through to AIM-listed
  • Quick deployment, target 12 months for full subscription investment
  • Transparent & aligned fee structure, no hidden portfolio fees
  • High calibre deal flow through the university relationships
  • Co-invests alongside institutional investors who invest non-tax advantaged money e.g. Amadeus, Invesco Perpetual, Touchstone Innovations

About Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund

Parkwalk’s Opportunities EIS Fund was the largest/most popular growth EIS Fund of 2016/17 and 2017/18, according to figures published by independent commentator Tax Efficient Review. The latest Tax Efficient Review published in May 2018 has a 88/100 score.

Parkwalk have an enviable track record from focusing on companies commercialising proven patented technology, originating from the UK’s leading universities; an asset class that is coming to prominence with the likes of institutional investors such as Amadeus, Invesco and Lansdowne investing heavily in the sector.

The strength of their track record means Parkwalk are prepared to publish returns on their website, in contrast to many other EIS managers. As at April 2018, an investor who invested in the 2010/11 tranche has already received more than their original subscription back, including 1.8x cash returned, 0.8x unrealised gain, giving a total return of 2.96x including tax reliefs and fees.

Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and may not be repeated.

Portfolio examples

Computer microchip

The world’s smallest gas sensors. In June 2016 Parkwalk sold its stake in an undisclosed all cash transaction, resulting in significant cash returns to investors.

CGI lightshow with audience

A spin-out from the University of Cambridge, Geospock provides a real-time scaleable database for rapidly changing complex data. The company’s ambition is to become the Google Search of Big Data.

Engineers working at computers

A spin-out from the University of Oxford, Yasa has developed an innovative electric motor technology which can deliver a significantly smaller and lighter electric motor than any other competing technology.

Risk Warning

Our investment products may place your capital at risk and the value of them may go down as well as up and an investor may not get back the amount they invest. Investments in unquoted early stage/small companies and funds that invest in these smaller companies, including but not limited to, the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), Venture Capital Trusts (VCT), Social Investment Tax Reliefs (SITR) and are high risk and you should not invest unless you can afford total loss or if you are likely to require the capital in the near term since such investments can be difficult to realise.

The tax treatment of the investments depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in future. The availability of tax reliefs depends on the Company invested in maintaining its qualifying status. This information provided on our website is based on our understanding of current taxation law and HM Revenue and Customs practice, which may change in the future. The content of our website is not intended to constitute investment, tax or legal advice. Neither past performance or forecasts are reliable indicators of future results and should not be relied upon. We recommend you seek independent advice before investing in our investment products.

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