On 9th November, Wright & Bell plans to launch LINO, a new all-day restaurant and bar in a former carpet and linoleum warehouse in London’s Square Mile

The Wright & Bell team have created a venue that emphasises both innovative cuisine and drinks. Richard Falk, former Head Chef of The Dairy, will oversee the kitchen.

The restaurant, LINO, is located behind Smithfield Market, close to St Bart’s Hospital. It will reuse some of the features of the former warehouse, including the 12-foot-high entrance doors and the original brown glazed tile cladding. The restaurant will feature a clover-shaped tulipwood bar in the centre of the room and walls in shades of rustic green, salmon pink and peach.

The venue will have antique brass fixtures, and shelves of house ferments and craft spirits for mixing into cocktails will line the bar.

The kitchen plans to use low-waste ingredients in its all-day menu. Falk is drawing on his experience at both the Ledbury and The Dairy to create an innovative menu at LINO. The lunch and dinner menus will include sauerkraut and Montgomery cheddar croquettes as well as items for two people to share, such as Belted Galloway wing rib of beef with oxtail and potato tart. The dessert menu will use leftover pastries from the breakfast display case to make a croissant ice cream with brown butter, blood orange and coffee.

Sarah Clark, Managing Director of Wright & Bell, said: “We’re opening LINO in an incredible space in a beautiful building with an industrial heritage. Both a bar and a restaurant, LINO has been designed with its guests and its team in mind, taking a new, considered approach to drinking and dining in the City.”

Falk added: “LINO will be the perfect spot for everything from stopping by for cocktails on a Friday night to settling in to share a few plates for dinner. A great bar deserves food to match, with a care for produce and ingredients – I’m looking forward to creating everything from scratch, be it botanical infusions for cocktails or bread freshly baked in-house.”

This year is turning out to be a busy one for Wright & Bell. The group recently purchased the chicken restaurant Whyte & Brown in Kingly Court and operates The Kitty Hawk and The Backroom Bar in Moorgate.

Wright & Bell is funded by the Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund, whose current portfolio includes Albion & East, Camm & Hooper, Casper & Cole and Darwin & Wallace.