The sale of organic food products in the UK has been growing rapidly over the past few years

According to the 2018 Organic Market Report, the value of the organic F&B market is now £2.2bn. The market experienced a growth rate of 6% in 2017 alone. This increase represents the sixth consecutive year of advancement in this sector. The report noted that organic food and drink products now comprise a 1.5% share of the total F&B market in the UK.

British consumers are now embracing a healthier style of eating. This is good news for the companies represented in our Epicure SEIS Fund

The report attributed the rise in organic F&B sales to the increased consumer awareness of the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle. Along with an ever-growing range of products available.

The key findings:

  • Supermarket sales of organic F&B products increased by 4.2%
  • Independent retailers increased their sales of organic F&B products by 9.7%
  • Sales of organic F&B products through home delivery increased by 9.5%
  • Sales of chilled organic F&B products in the foodservice market sector increased by 21%

The increase in the value of the organic F&B market to £2.2bn, as mentioned above, has been contributed to by a 9.5% rise in home delivery sales. Currently, either on the high street or online makes up where nearly 30% of all organic sales are now done. The latter of which gives customers a more extensive range of innovative products to choose from.
The dairy sector has the highest share of the organic F&B market, at nearly 29%, and this shows no signs of slowing down following a 3% increase during 2017.

One factor in the growth of organic F&B products is the rise of the UK fitness culture and its depiction in social media. Images of physically fit individuals have become prevalent in social media news feeds. This may have inspired more people to become concerned about self-improvement. As a result, embracing consuming organic products as part of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Head Buyer at Ocado, Rose Price, had this to say: “We know how important organic is to our customers, and that’s why we’ve spent the last year expanding our ranges of organic to meet rising demand.”

“We see no end to the strong growth in organic, as the market has been buoyed by a new generation of shoppers looking to spend their earnings on food and drink that is not only better for them, but also for animal welfare and the environment.”

Epicure SEIS Fund

The UK food and drink market is the largest part of the UK manufacturing industry. This industry is worth over £94 billion in 2015 and predicted to grow at 3-4% annual in the short-to-medium term. Our current SEIS fund called Epicure focuses on food and drink products, the first of its kind. The fund is taking advantage of a huge revolution going on currently in the UK Food & Drink industry, which is being driven by younger people obsessed with health. Our portfolio to date consists of a range of food and drink products. These are in the main, low fat, gluten free, dairy free, with no added sugar or processed ingredients. We’ve shined a spotlight some of the great our organic products in our portfolio:

iRaw Healthy Habits

iRaw produce a range organic product from the best quality ingredients available. This is without compromising flavour and in alignment with good health and sustainability. All of these products are organic, gluten-free and vegan friendly, to contribute to consumers increased awareness for healthy eating.


Sports nutrition brand Macacha is one brand that tapped into this organic trend. They have done this by selling ‘organic, raw, vegan, plant-based’ protein powder. 6 core ingredients make up their superfood protein powder to provide complex nutrition, without complication.

Investing in F&B?

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