While the concept of Impact Investing has been around for some time, investors have only recently stopped thinking about it in terms of philanthropy

Instead, they are viewing the concept, also referred to as socially responsible investing, as a means of generating a positive financial return while still achieving desirable social impacts.

Research shows that impact investing is on the rise. The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) recently released its Annual Impact Investor Survey for 2018. GIIN surveyed 229 investors that were active in this financial sector. In 2017, 225 of them invested $35.5bn (£27bn) in 11,136 impact investment deals, an increase from 2016 where it was surveyed that 205 respondents invested $22.1bn (£16.8bn) in 7,951 deals approximately 60.1% increase from the $22.1bn (£16.8bn). Impact investing has not only seen an increase in capital invested, but it has also appears to have seen an increase in the number of investors, and the number of investments.

Microfinance, energy and financial services were the sectors that had the largest inflows of impact investment capital. GIIN reported that 76% of the respondents managed and measured their investments’ impacts against environmental and social goals.

UK Government Supported

Last October, the UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investing issued a report that looked at how impact investing could address some of the complex social issues facing the UK. In its June response to that report, the Government said that it will work with the savings and investment industries to provide support for initiating additional strategies for social impact investing and encourage additional investments into relevant sectors, including projects that deal with social change.

The UK Government has also stepped up its efforts to work with the country’s financial sector to make it easier to engage in impact investing. These efforts include suggesting potential changes to laws that affect pension funds.

The Government’s response also said that there are some areas where it may make changes in regulations to help ensure that social, environmental and governing implications receive appropriate consideration regarding pension investment decisions.

It is considering making changes to investment regulations to stimulate growth in the market for social impact investing and pension regulations to simplify making investments with social and environmental impacts.

Impact Investing

Our Guinness fund is a perfect fit for those wanting to get involved in renewable energy, with this specific fund focusing on four key areas: estate preservation, performance, security and flexibility. The Guinness fund already has a proven track record of investing in Sustainable Energy companies, offering investors the opportunity to receive IHT relief whilst meeting desirable social impacts.

Below you can watch a short video presentation from Debbie Manhanta of Guinness Asset Management and Martin Sherwood, co-founder of EIP to find out more about the fund, progress and benefits.

To find out more about, please contact Martin Sherwood on 020 7843 0472 or msherwood@enterprise-ip.com

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