We are pleased to announce we will be hosting an SEIS early evening seminar, drinks and networking event in the City in late January

The evening has been designed for both advisers and high net worth investors intending to invest in SEIS.

We will discuss what we believe are compelling reasons for considering SEIS this year, reminding you of the very generous tax benefits, and introducing you to our multi award winning partners Startup Funding Club (SFC).

SFC will tell us how they go about selecting their SEIS investments, what they look for, their track record, and will then introduce a couple of their recent investee companies Ollys Olives and Transcend Packaging, who will relate how they successfully made use of SEIS funding when they launched.

We will cover all the main issues – track record, deal flow, what to look for in an investment, support post investment, and last but not least, the route to exit!

It should be an intriguing session. If you wish to find out more about the event, please contact info@kincapital.co.uk