Renewable energy accounts for almost 30% of UK power

According to the latest Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES) released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), almost 30% of electric power generation in the UK last year came from renewable sources. Consequently, the increased use of renewable energy sources has resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions too.

The UK continued to rely less on coal power, with the amount of electricity generated by coal-fired plants decreasing by 27% year-on-year.

Renewables on the up

Also, electricity generated by natural gas declined by 4.6%, while electricity from renewable sources increased by 19.5% compared to 2016.

As a result, 29.3% of all electricity generation came from renewable sources in 2017, an increase from 24.5% in 2016. The factors attributed to leading the rise included an increase in renewable capacity, mainly due to more deployment of solar power and wind power sources, and favourable weather conditions.

When including nuclear power, low-carbon power sources (also known as clean energy) accounted for 50.1% of electricity generation last year, an increase from 45.6% in 2016. The increased share of low-carbon power continues the trend of relying less on fossil fuels for power generation. Last year’s increase was mostly due to a growing reliance on renewable energy sources, as nuclear power generation decreased by 1.9% in 2017.

Success for the UK

The latest DUKES report demonstrates that the UK has been successful in promoting the use of renewable energy sources to cut CO2 emissions. The BEIS issued the report during the same week that the Government announced a new commitment to support the development of the additional remote island and offshore wind farms through 2025. It is encouraging time for the renewables sectors, with that the UK government continuing to support the drive for the UK to reduce the carbon footprint.

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive at trade body Energy UK, said that the DUKES report shows how quickly the UK’s energy sector is moving to renewable energy sources to eventually provide the majority of the nation’s electricity generation thanks to the Government’s encouragement of innovation and investment in renewables.

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