As we head toward this year’s EIS deadline, we’ve been struck by the number of enquiries relating to ‘ethical investments’

These enquiries suggest there is a significant cohort of investors who want their investment to do more than just line their own pockets.

Mental health is currently riding high on the national agenda. More than half a million adults in England are alcohol dependent*, while the number of older people using illicit drugs is soaring. While the scale of the problem has a huge impact on our economy, with harmful drinking alone costing society an estimated £21 billion each year, the impact on the individual and their families can be devastating with seemingly few options for help at hand.

We have recently become involved in a new business called Help Me Stop, which plans to revolutionise the drug and alcohol treatment market by pioneering the day rehabilitation model in the UK (“Dayhab”), which has already achieved success in the US. Help Me Stop intends to become the UK’s leading provider of alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. Plugging the yawning gap between expensive residential rehab and scarce ­NHS services, it combines the proven 12 Step approach with cognitive behavioural and person-centred therapy, aiming to help tens of thousands of people previously excluded from treatment to enter long-term recovery.

Current options open to those seeking help for alcohol and drug addiction are limited, with NHS alcohol and drug services remaining underfunded. Help Me Stop bridges the divide between an NHS unable to meet demand and often prohibitively expensive residential rehab services.

Help Me Stop has assembled an impressive board and management team, headed up Stephen Bradshaw, who has successfully built up and sold a number of similar health sector businesses.

The first centre is due to launch in west London in Spring 2019, with plans for a further four sites in 2019 and further expansion in 2022.

Help Me Stop is an EIS qualifying company. There is currently an early bird offer for investors expiring in the next few weeks, and shares will be issued by the end of the tax year. Please be in touch if this sounds of interest.

Please note: EIS investment are high risk investments and are not suitable for all investors. Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Please see Kin Capital’s full risk warning.