Pembroke VCT is an established £35m dividend paying VCT

The portfolio includes companies across the retail, consumer and leisure sectors; businesses such as Five Guys the UK’s most popular fast food outlet restaurant chain, and ‘Boris bike’ cycle light Blaze. Key points include…

  • Investment strategy remains unchanged despite the 2015 changes to the VCT rules
  • Performance to date has been strong
  • Established VCT with existing portfolio of high quality and performing assets/companies
  • Market leading total expense ratio of 2% pa, with no deal or monitoring fees (which can take the true TER to over 4.5% pa with some VCTs)
  • Manager is backed by the Oakley Capital Group ($1.5bn AUM)

The new share offer is a £15m fundraising (with a £10m over-allotment facility) into the B Ordinary shares. Audited figures show the B Ordinary share NAV has grown 10.79p over the last financial year and the B Shares have subsequently paid 2p out of their 3p dividend target for the current tax year. Please note, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and may not be repeated.

The IM is available for IFAs to freely download here in the Open Offers from our website. Private investors may request one by calling 0203 743 3100.

Please note Kin is unable to give taxation or financial advice and strongly recommends private investors speak with a suitably qualified independent financial adviser. Your capital is at risk and VCTs are long term, high risk investments. They will not be suitable for many investors. VCT tax reliefs depend on individual circumstances and may be withdrawn at a later date.