“Overall in our view an interesting addition for generalist VCT investors wanting to diversify their holdings, gain exposure to a maturing consumer sector portfolio, through a VCT with the lowest running costs in the industry”

Tax Efficient Review Report no. 235, November 2015 – The full report is available for FCA regulated intermediaries in our Open Offers section of the website.

Pembroke VCT has £27m of net assets, investing across the retail, consumer and leisure sectors, including businesses such as burger chain Five Guys and organic juice producer Plenish. The VCT is managed by Oakley Investment Managers LLP, part of Oakley Capital, a substantial asset management business with over $1 billion of assets under management and a strong track record.

To download a 4 page summary of the offer or the full prospectus and application, please visit the Open Offers section of our website, or contact us.

Please note: VCTs should be considered high risk, long term investments and potential investors should ideally consult a financial adviser as your capital will be at risk. VCT tax reliefs received are subject to personal circumstances and may be withdrawn at a later date.