Pembroke VCT plc seeking to raise £15 million

“Pembroke VCT is one of a handful of VCTs that is able to continue its previously stated investment strategy following the July 2015 Budget changes.”
Peter Dubens, Founder of Oakley Capital

Pembroke VCT plc is seeking to raise £15 million during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 tax years for its B Ordinary Share class, providing investors with access to an established VCT portfolio of qualifying companies.

The fund targets businesses in the consumer and leisure sectors, with current net assets of £26.8 million and 23 portfolio companies. The investment objective is to generate significant capital appreciation for investors through a private equity style investment strategy, combined with significant tax breaks.

The fund is managed by Oakley Investment Managers LLP, part of the Oakley Capital (‘Oakley’) group of companies; a privately owned asset management business with over US$1 billion of assets under management. Established in 2002, Oakley seeks to be a best-of-breed entrepreneurial-driven UK investment house, comprised of private equity, venture capital, corporate fiance and fundraising. Oakley was founded by Peter Dubens, who, within Oakley, has sold businesses for a total consideration of over €1 billion. In addition to Pembroke VCT and Oakley Capital PE, the Oakley Capital group also includes PROfounders Capital, a well regarded digital and technology venture capital fund.

The full prospectus and application form is available in the Open Offers section of our website.