The latest reviews from Allenbridge and Martin Churchill’s Tax Efficient Review have been published for Pembroke VCT

Industry reviews by Allenbridge and the Tax Efficient Review are now available for Pembroke VCT.  If you would like a copy of either or more information please email our sales team

Quote from Tax Efficient Review January 2018, rating 84/100:

“For investors comfortable seeking potentially higher returns for taking on a higher level of risk… This is an opportunity to invest into a maturing portfolio and also to access
new investments made by the Oakley team. Overall in our view an interesting addition for generalist VCT investors wanting to diversify their holdings and gain exposure to a maturing portfolio.”

Quote from Allenbridge report January 2018 84/100:

“Pembroke VCT may appeal to private investors wishing to take advantage of the investment management arm of Oakley Capital, which so far has largely been restricted to institutional investors It may also appeal to investors with an appetite for backing high street chains and other premium consumer brands. In addition, being part of Oakley Capital allows a 2% cost cap, which is low for the VCT industry”

“Oakley do not charge any portfolio companies any one-off or ongoing fees (e.g. deal, arrangement, monitoring, director etc.). This is both highly commendable and rare.”

“The VCT rules changes announced in 2015 and 2017 have moved the VCT industry towards Pembroke’s investment strategy. It is one of the very few VCTs whose track record is relevant under the new rules.”

Key facts on Pembroke VCT below:

  • Maturing portfolio of 25+ hi-growth companies across the health and fitness, media and tech, hospitality, apparel sectors (including Five Guys, Blaze, Alex Chung, Chilangos, Second Home)
  • Established and dividend paying VCT
  • Target dividend of 3p
  • Experienced investment team, part of established private equity fund Oakley Capital Group
  • One of the lowest fees in industry 
  • High level of transparency with no hidden fees (no deal and monitoring fee)
  • An investment strategy that is in line with the latest changes to VCT investment rules and hence no change required to investment strategy, or any legacy grandfathering issues

There is an extension to the early bird discount for Pembroke VCT until February 2nd 2018. For full details and to download all documents for the Pembroke VCT please see here.

Please note: VCT investments are a high risk investment. Please see our full risk warnings here.