We are pleased to announce that the sale of deltaDNA has returned a significant (and contractually not to be disclosed) multiple to investors, before the EIS tax benefits.

Following on from the award winning ‘best exit of 2019’ sale of ICS Learn last year, Edinburgh based EIS fund manager Par Equity have announced their second exit of 2019.

DeltaDNA, which specialises in producing real-time, actionable insights into player behaviour for some of the world’s largest gaming companies, such as Sega and Bethesda, has been sold to US videogame developer Unity Technologies.

Par Equity was introduced to Edinburgh-based deltaDNA in 2013 by a member of its investor network, the Par Syndicate. Between 2013 and 2016 Par Equity led a series of investment rounds in deltaDNA, deploying capital from its EIS Fund and the Par Syndicate, supported by co-investment partner Scottish Investment Bank and other following investors.

We believe this demonstrates Par’s ability to generate significant returns for EIS investors. Par Equity has now realised 17 exits to date and, from £16 million invested in those companies, has generated cash returns of over £43 million as part of aggregate headline consideration of £51 million. A further £51 million has been deployed in the 40 portfolio companies Par Equity has yet to exit.

This represents a 27.2% IRR to investors.

To find out more, please contact the Kin Capital sales team on 0203 743 3100 or email at info@kincapital.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.