Par Equity co-founder is Angel of the Week!

Every week, the Sunday Times Angel Q&A column focuses on a leading UK angel, one of the early-stage investors who collectively inject £1.5 billion a year into British start-up companies. This week was the turn of Paul Atkinson, co-founder of Edinburgh based fund manager Par Equity.

Paul has an outstanding track record of building value for companies in the technology and services sector. His past experience includes founding and exiting three successful businesses, and with this expertise, he co-founded Par Equity in 2008, which to date has enabled investment into more than 50 startup companies. Paul believes that focusing on profitability is a key lesson. If you get this right, there may be no need for further investment and dilution for current stakeholders.

Paul predicts wider societal concerns around issues such as climate change and waste; fake news and democratic process; social media and privacy; inclusiveness and an aging population of “boomers”. With this in mind, sectors of particular interest are healthcare, agricultural technology, transport, and media.

About the Par EIS Fund

The Par EIS Fund has exited 18 businesses and returned more cash (£51 million) to investors than many larger fund managers. In a recent review of the Par EIS Fund in Tax Efficient Review, Par Equity is described as “a contender to the current established growth EIS providers such as Draper, Parkwalk and MMC..”

Of particular note is the regional diversification provided by an investment in the Par EIS Fund, as over 80% of Par’s investments are made in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England.

Please note, past performance is no indicator of future performance and may not be repeated. EIS investments are long term, high risk and you may lose all of your capital and any tax breaks received. EIS investments are not suitable for all investors. Investors should have Venture Capital investment experience or advice from a qualified financial adviser.

Find out more information about the Par EIS Fund by contacting the sales team at or 0203 743 3100.