Running from 10th-16th September, the week is dedicated to popularising this authentic Mexican spirit with the aim of getting it into more bars across the capital and beyond

The festival, based in London Bridge, will see a number of bars across the city creating special mezcal drinks and cocktails for people to enjoy. Temper City and Temper Covent Garden will be joining in the festivities, serving a bespoke range of mezcal cocktails to be enjoyed alongside its South American-inspired dishes or on their own.

Temper CG
Temper Soho will also be serving Mezcal inside their cocktail lounge. It is the perfect place to familiarise yourself with the variety of tastes and pairings these agave spirits offer. After winning Cocktail List of the Year at this year’s National Restaurant Awards, Temper Soho certainly knows a thing or two about the art of mixology.

The week-long festival will also see nearly 40 mezcal producers – some of which are not yet available in the UK – celebrating their ranges at a two-day tasting event. This will give an opportunity for both consumers and trade professionals to speak with producers, sample the agave spirit, and get familiar with what mezcal has to offer.
The festival was founded by two mezcal brand owners, Thea Cumming of Dangerous Don and Melanie Symonds of Quiquiriqui. Speaking about London Mezcal Week, Symonds said:

“We’re bringing in the key players from the agave world to help us reach more people about mezcal. There’s a growing interest in mezcal in the UK but this will hopefully push the cause to get bigger ranges in bars. There’s such a huge variety in the spirit that it’s a shame to only have one bottle or one representation. It’s never going to be as big as gin or vodka because mezcal is handmade but it would be great to see bars with bigger collections.”

Working solely with independent producers, Cumming and Symonds are hoping that the project will open up distribution links that will prevent small distillers from losing their identity while still maintaining a firm position in the market.

What is Mezcal?

Once considered tequila’s wayward half-brother, mezcal has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity in recent years with more people ordering classic drinks made with the smokey Mexican spirit. Meanwhile in Oaxaca, Mexico, where much of the country’s mezcal production takes place, the drink is sipped neat. Mezcal producers traditionally roast the agaves in a pit, which gives the drink its distinct, smokey flavour.

How do you like to drink mezcal? As a cocktail, with a single mixer, or neat? Find out in September!

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