The latest research from MICAP on Pembroke VCT has now been published

The latest independent research on Pembroke VCT has been published. The research is available here to MICAP subscribers (or those that wish to register for a free trial subscription). If you have any problems accessing the research, please call us.

Pembroke VCT – B Share Offer

Following the substantial changes to the VCT rules, first in 2015 and more recently in 2017, there are few VCTs that have been genuinely unaffected and able to continue their stated investment strategy. Pembroke VCT is one of the few, having always invested in genuine growth companies, in the manner which HM Treasury is keen to see continue.

Whilst unusual in the investment strategy remaining consistent, Pembroke is distinctive in a number of other ways. Many of these aspects are driven by its manager, Oakley Investment Managers, being part of an institutional private equity firm. In particular this has led to a structure that leads generalist VCT industry with it’s low costs and transparency. This is in contrast to the majority of VCT managers, which have mostly started life as small EIS & VCT managers, before, in some cases, growing into proper private equity businesses.

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