We are pleased to announce that Kin Capital Ltd has been appointed promoter of the Par EIS Fund, managed by Edinburgh based Par Equity.

Par is a growth EIS Fund manager that started life in 2008 and since then has generated 16 exits and high multiple returns for investors, beating far better known fund managers in terms of cash returned to investors.

Kin Capital co-principal Richard Hoskins commented: “Having worked in the Venture Capital industry for the last 14/15 years, I believe Par are a hidden gem. Being based outside of London and a crowded South East, puts Par in a strong position to find value. That is harder for VCs than it sounds, given the high levels of cash sloshing around, particularly at the moment in the Venture Capital Trust market. Par’s exit of ICS Learn, which last year generated an impressive 76x return, just might even be the ‘best ever best EIS exit’, at least for a member of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association.”

Please note, past performance is no indicator of future performance and may not be repeated. EIS investments, are long term, high risk and you may lose all of your capital and any tax breaks received. EIS investments are not suitable for all investors. Investors should be experienced in investing in Venture Capital investors or preferably seek advice from a suitably qualified IFA or financial adviser.

If you would like to find out more about the Par EIS Fund, please call one of the team on 0203 743 3100 or email info@kincapital.co.uk.