Last night marked the return of Fred Sirieix to the BBC fronting a six-week running of the new investment-based show Million Pound Menu, featuring Imbiba

The concept of Million Pound Menu is simple: 12 restaurateurs who dream of going big compete for a huge, life-altering investment that will turn their dreams into reality.

Each week, Sirieix welcomes two teams of restaurateurs who vie for a share of the rapidly expanding food and beverage market. He is joined by various major investors in this industry – between them, they have millions of pounds to spend.
In the current economic times, coming up with a novel new concept is difficult, and the contestants must pull out all the plugs to convince the investors that their idea should be the winning one. Should one of the contestants come up with a truly inventive concept or idea, it might well change the way that people in this country eat and create a new multi-million-pound brand in the process.

The contestants’ eagerness to grab a piece of food and beverage is easy to understand. Last year alone, Britons spent well over £33 billion on dining out. Right now, there are more restaurants and different types of food and drink on the High Street than at any other time in history.

For the investors, there is a lot to be gained. Using their extensive experience of making money in this highly lucrative but very competitive market, they must try and spot the winning recipe before anyone else. Darrel Connell, a partner with Imbiba, is one of Million Pound Menu’s investors. Imbiba specialises in investing in and helping grow top-end restaurant and bar concepts. As of now, it has backed more than 100 separate food and beverage business operating across no less than 16 individual brands.


Imbiba offers an all-inclusive partnership deal, helping develop a company’s management team and offering access to prime property, top-of-the-range supply chain management and excellent financial control as well as marketing and tech support.

For high-net-worth individuals who would like to invest in the food and beverage industry without risking everything on an individual business, Imbiba offers a remarkable track record. In 2012 we partnered with Imbiba to bring investors the opportunity to invest in the Imbiba EIS Leisure Fund. Million Pound Menu exemplifies what makes a restaurant attractive to investors. The series airs every Thursday at 9pm, BBC Two. 

Find out why we are calling Million Pound Menu, the Real Restaurant Revolution.

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