We are pleased to announce the Goldfinch SEIS Fund has reopened, allowing new investors to access a portfolio of 5-15 SEIS qualifying entertainment sector investments

Goldfinch Entertainment is an experienced entertainment advisory business who have raised and deployed over £70 million to projects across the Film, TV, Kids TV, Animation, Video Games and Theatre sectors. As at April 2017, the team have advised on 82 SEIS deals and are well versed in selecting and structuring SEIS investments with established intellectual property and strong commercial promise.

The SEIS Fund is targeting £1.25 per £1 invested over 3-4 years, with a transparent fee structure that strongly aligns investors, consultant and manager. Investors will receive a diverse portfolio, helping to reduce risk, with 5-15 SEIS qualifying investments. The minimum investment is £10,000.

The Fund has backed a number of businesses to date, one example is DLT Entertainment Developments Ltd

New to SEIS?

Whilst most advisers have heard of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), advisers are generally less familiar with the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). It’s important to understand the differences between the two. Whilst SEIS (and EIS) companies are high risk, the SEIS tax advantages significantly compensate investors for the added level of risk. Subject to circumstances, an additional rate tax payer with a 28% CGT liability losing just 13.5p per £1 invested in the event. Financial advisers can find a useful SEIS tax planning tool here

Tax benefits of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS):

  • 50% income tax relief in the year of investment or previous year
  • 50% reinvestment relief (50% CGT ‘wipe out’ as opposed to deferral)
  • IHT free after shares are held for two years
  • Gains made by the Fund are CGT free after three years
  • Loss relief available, max exposure of 27.5p in the £1

SEIS investments are high risk and not suitable for all investors. Tax reliefs are subject to individual circumstances. Please see full risk warnings and further information in our Open Offers section.