The Goldfinch SEIS Fund offers investors access to a diverse portfolio of SEIS qualifying investment opportunities in the UK’s entertainment industry

The Investment Consultant is part of Nyman Libson Paul (‘NLP’) who have for over 80 years provided tax, financial and commercial advice for some of the biggest names (and projects) in the entertainment sector. For instance NLP has been involved in every single James Bond film since 1962’s Dr No.

The fund is designed to give investors the benefits of:

  1. An experienced Investment Consultant that advised on 38 SEIS investments last year
  2. A competitive fee structure that closely aligns interests between all parties
  3. 50% income tax relief (regardless of marginal rate) and other tax benefits

More information can be found in the Current Opportunities section of the website.

Please note there is a 2% Kin Early Bird (paid by us waiving our fees, not by diluting subsequent clients) for all applications received by 13th March.