Our Team

We are a tribe. We are Kin.

Adam Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Martin Sherwood, Kin Capital

Martin Sherwood

Senior Development Director

Harry Hazeel, Kin Capital

Harry Hazeel

Investment Management

Anthony Davis, Kin Capital

Anthony Davies

Fund Services Manager

Lawrence Rashid Fund Associate Kin Capital

Lawrence Rashid

Fund Services Associate

Andreina Sorce, Kin Capital

Andreina Sorce

Finance Executive

Joe Lazaris, Kin Capital

Joe Lazaris

Head of Compliance

Declan McEvilly

Senior Business Development Manager

Laura Pears, Kin Capital

Laura Pears

Senior Compliance Consultant

Irene Argiti

Associate Consultant

Krishma Vilkhou

Associate Consultant

Danielle Faldo

Investment Associate

Katherine Norris, Kin Capital

Katherine Norris

Compliance Consultant

Sam Furlonger, Kin Capital

Sam Furlonger

Business Development Manager

It's a lot of fun working for Kin; it's a company with a real desire to provide great service to their clients, however big or small.

Sam Furlonger, Kin Capital